Workshop- Towards Circular Food Systems / 18:00 – 21:30

09.10.2019 18:00 - 21:30
Die Cuisine
Address: Die Cuisine, Geerenweg 2, 8048 Zürich, Schweiz



Cities have the power to make tremendous contributions towards diminishing greenhouse gas emissions and global food waste. Radical, circular and systemic changes are urgently needed to achieve a net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. Food Security, and therefore adequate transformation of the food systems, is one of the greatest challenges of mankind. On a global level, collaboration across the entire food value chain is needed to develop real world solutions.

However, how can you act locally? How can you concretely create an impactful project with intend is to transform food systems? How can you include societal and environmental dimensions into it? The intend of this inspiring event is to engage participants in developing actionable plans to make significant changes towards current food systems within a local & urban context. This event is a collaboration between the EIT Climate-KIC & EIT Food, as well with the ETH Sustainability.


18:00-18:15: Introduction EIT Climate-KIC, EIT Food, ETH Sustainability, DieCuisine

18:15-18:30: Dr. Martijn Sonnevelt – Transformation Food systems (World Food System Center)

18:30-18:45: Dr. Pius Krütli – Circular Food systems (USYS TdLab)

18:45-18:55: Time for questions

18:55-19:15: Dr. Evelyne Zürcher (Rethink Ressources), Patrick Honauer (POT), Mareike Biegert (Cuisine Sans Frontieres), Mark E. Zahran (Yasai)

19:15-19:35: Parallel Sessions: DieCuisine Tour 1 & World Cafes

19:35-19:55: Parallel Sessions: DieCuisine Tour 2 & World Cafes

19:55-21:30: Networking (including Apero)